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Equipment in Stainless Steel: Safe Access Solutions

A comprehensive program of equipment in stainless steel for buildings related to water treatment:

  • Innovative stainless steel products and Safe Access Solutions for
  • Drinking water delivery, treatment, storage and distribution
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Stormwater overflow tanks
  • Biogas plants
  • Manholes

According to our philosophy to excel in stainless steel, we process this material solely. HUBER stainless steel products from our Safe Access Solutions business unit are the best solution for water and wastewater treatment applications - municipal and industrial. So, you should choose a material that satisfies the highest needs:

  • Unrivalled lifespan
  • Absolute corrosion resistance due to acid treatment in a pickling bath and passivation
  • Standardized products provide safety for planning and cost advantages
  • Hygienic conditions on the highest possible level provide safety for men and environment

It is our goal to offer perfect products to our customers. For highest demands, it is necessary to utilize correspondingly modern technologies for production. This standard of production is yielded by well - trained and highly motivated employees in combination with the most modern machinery. We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and EMAS.

To ensure continuously high quality for our customers, our company pursues the philosophy of a high vertical integration in production. This requires very special equipment for the material's mechanical treatment as well as the expertise to know how to process stainless steel properly. To the great extent feasible, we employ computer - assisted machines. This computer assistance results in an increased precision and in minimized errors during production.


HUBER Manhole Equipment

Long-lasting and robust

HUBER stainless steel manhole covers offer the optimum solution for all your requirements. They impress with their corrosion resistance, durability, aesthetics and versatility. They fulfil the highest hygienic standards, whether for municipal or industrial applications.

HUBER top sellers in the field of manhole equipment

SD1.1 GD

from 683 €

Manhole cover, rainproof, rectangular, made of stainless steel, with vapour hood


from 647 €

Manhole cover, rainproof, round, made of stainless steel, with vapour hood

SD7.1 400-G

from 2.577 €

Manhole cover, accessible/trafficable, rectangular, made of stainless steel, load class D400


from 1.547 €

Shaft cover, burglar-resistant with RC3 test certificate, rainproof, rectangular, made of stainless steel, with insulation and vapour hood

Technical Doors

Always the right access!

HUBER Safe Access Solutions offers a comprehensive range of technical doors for every requirement: stainless steel doors, security doors, chlorine room doors, flood-proof doors and pressurised doors.


HUBER top sellers in Technical Door sector

Stainless Steel Doors

Price on request

Ready-to-install and double-walled design, made entirely of stainless steel, with double rubber seal

Safety Doors

Price on request

Made entirely of stainless steel, material no. 1.4307, burglar-resistant in accordance with DIN EN 1627, with test certificate

Chlorine Room Doors

Price on request

Access door especially for drinking water supply buildings where chlorine gas can be generated

Flood-proof Doors

Price on request

Pressure-resistant for 10 m and 30 m water column, statically tested, especially for drinking water supply


Air filtering for Drinking Water Storage Tanks

Filtering the supply air reduces hygiene hazards

HUBER Safe Access Solution offers you the right filter technology and suitable complete solutions for your drinking water storage tank. These are not yet included in the online shop range.

HUBER top sellers in the air filtering for drinking water storage tanks sector

Aeration / deaeration plant L251

Price on request

Natural ventilation with air flow on both sides

Aeration / deaeration plant L252

Price on request

Natural ventilation with air flow on both sides

Aeration / deaeration plant L361

Price on request

Safety louvre, air duct, air filter unit and safety valve

Aeration / deaeration plant L661

Price on request

Safety louvre, air duct, air filter unit and safety valve


What shape and size should my manhole cover be?

Manholes vary greatly depending on the intended use and area of application. Find out about the options and requirements here.

What material should a manhole cover be made of?

Durability, corrosion resistance and many other aspects speak in favour of using stainless steel. Find out all about its advantages for your project here.

How do I seal my manhole properly?

Does my manhole need insulation and what does watertightness mean? Here you can read all about the correct sealing of manholes.

How do I protect my shaft against access by unauthorised persons?

Every operator is responsible for the safety of their shaft. It is therefore extremely important to find out about access and to equip the shaft accordingly.

What do I need to consider when entering the shaft?

There are strict laws and standards for accessing manholes. Find out about possible manhole accessories to avoid accidents.

Discover HUBER Webinars

HUBER Webinars offer you the opportunity to regularly inform yourself in a simple and uncomplicated way about various topics related to water supply, wastewater treatment and sludge treatment.

High-quality stainless steel manhole covers and accessories

HUBER stainless steel equipment protects your fresh water

Our products offer you a long-lasting solution for all your needs and applications.

Why stainless steel manhole covers?

Stainless steel is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and robustness, making it the ideal choice for outdoor and water and drinking water applications. Our stainless steel manhole covers are expertly pickled and passivated in a full bath, making them weather resistant and able to withstand the elements, whether sun, rain or snow. This means you don't have to worry about rust or wear and tear and your manholes are optimally protected. You are spared expensive renovation measures.

What does the HUBER stainless steel manhole cover offer?

Among other things, our vapour hood ensures optimum manhole ventilation and dry manholes. Based on decades of experience and customer proximity, our product is well thought out and perfected, from installation to use. Rainwater runs off through the centre elevation of the cover without leaving any residue from standing rainwater. This also gives the cover greater stability. We prevent the formation of condensation water by using foam-filled insulation to create thermal insulation without thermal bridges. Don't be afraid of incorrect installation: HUBER manhole covers can be installed before and after completion of the structure. We have developed the combinable frame for both types of installation.

The advantages of HUBER stainless steel manhole covers

High quality: Our stainless steel manhole covers are made from first-class materials and guarantee a long service life without compromising on functionality or aesthetics.

Safety for the operator: The sturdy covers protect against accidental falls, preventing accidents and injuries. So you can rest assured that people and animals are protected. They also prevent intentional and unintentional soiling and contamination, thus guaranteeing the highest level of hygiene for water resources. The aeration is even protected from small animals thanks to an insect-proof screen. The concealed hinges guarantee burglar resistance, preventing unauthorised access. An additional security lock can also be easily retrofitted at a later date.

Low maintenance: Thanks to the excellent properties of stainless steel, HUBER manhole covers require little maintenance, saving you time and effort. Our specially manufactured brass sealing cap is particularly maintenance-free. The additional locking device prevents injuries and the ingress of moisture.

Diverse selection: Our webshop offers a wide range of manhole covers in various sizes, features and designs that fit seamlessly into your environment. Configure your manhole cover to suit your individual requirements. The selection includes rainproof, flood-proof, burglar-resistant, flush-mounted, walkable / drivable, sliding and lightweight construction and insulation.

Easy operation by specialised personnel: Thanks to special gas pressure springs, HUBER manhole covers can be easily opened by a qualified person. While the hold-open device protects against unintentional closing or slamming shut, the self-closing latch is absolutely user-friendly.

HUBER accessories for safe access to your manhole

The HUBER range is one hundred per cent compatible. You will find all the accessories required by law to guarantee safe access to your manhole. The wide range of safety systems and access aids are tested, certified and labelled accordingly. A wide range of designs and models fulfil your expectations and can be individually supplemented by you. Installation, even in the case of retrofitting or refurbishment, can be carried out easily and simply by trained specialists.

HUBER customer service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our experts are on hand to answer your questions and help you choose the right manhole cover. We will dispatch your order quickly and safely so that you can have your product in your hands as soon as possible. Order your complete package now, including fixing materials and foam rubber seal for immediate installation. Don't worry about downtime on your construction site, because HUBER manhole covers have short delivery times and are available to you reliably and at short notice.


Protect your manholes with high-quality HUBER stainless steel manhole covers that combine durability, safety and aesthetics. Discover our diverse and customised selection and order today to reliably protect your manholes. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.