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Qualit├Ątsmanagement und Zertifikate

HUBER Quality Policy

Our company has remained a family-owned, financially independent business since 1872. We offer our customers systems and services together with products that can purify, save and protect water. In addition, we have processes that will utilize any beneficial residual materials that are produced. This has resulted in a business strategy which has provided the basis for long term planning and development leading to profitable growth and giving us financial independence also in the future.


Our aim is to maintain continuous growth for our company and the whole HUBER group. We therefore continue to expand existing markets, open up new markets, and develop competitive products, processes and services for our markets.

Customer satisfaction

The customer and his needs are the focus of our acting. Our aim is to recognise our customers' requirements at an early stage and comply with their demands. We consider customer complaints as a chance to continuously improve our internal processes. We are living our quality management system and commit ourselves to continuously improving the system.


As an innovative company we continuously develop exciting new products to satisfy the demands of our customers. Moreover, we continuously work on optimising our established products, processes and services.



We continuously work on improving our products as well as all internal processes and workflows within the HUBER group as we are aware that this is the only way to compete successfully in the international environment. Only by continuously improving will we be able to achieve the increase in productivity that is necessary to remain competitive. We encourage our employees to actively contribute to improving our processes and products and value their contribution.


The sustainable success of the company in the international markets can only be ensured trough close cooperation between HUBER SE and its subsidiaries. We therefore give a high priority to further developing and expanding our network of subsidiaries. With all our business units, we continuously work on improving the communication and workflows within the HUBER group.


The fundamentals for a long-term successful company are motivated and qualified employees in a safe working environment that promotes health and performance. We communicate both the HUBER Quality Policy and the HUBER Occupational Health and Safety Policy in all company departments and concretise them in annual corporate objectives, which form the starting point for the creation of department goals. Together, we commit ourselves to achieving our objectives as this is the basis for the company's success, now and in the future. It is important for us to maintain the high qualification of our staff through targeted education and training. Our executive managers adhere to the HUBER code of management practice.

Responsibility for the environment and society

Our responsibility for the environment is summarised in our HUBER Environmental Policy, which is the basis for developing our annual environmental program. We commit ourselves to implementing the environmental program in practice.

We are aware of our responsibility to educate and train young people and offer our employees secure jobs. We specifically support local societies, municipal authorities and other local organisations.

HUBER SE Board of Directors, November 2022


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