Global service guarantees you security

Performance for the life of the machine

Customer proximity through digital service - you'll find what you're looking for here

Start a long-term relationship with a competent partner at your side - HUBER Global Service. Now also in the online shop!

The main objective of the service division is to maintain the decisive advantages and services of HUBER plants for the operator in the long term. The expansion of our services to include a shop for individual spare and wear parts requirements is therefore only logical. HUBER is thus expanding its active services, which accompany the installed machines and plants throughout their "machine life" and thus ensure their long-term use.

Your goal: Increased reliability of ongoing operation to further increase the economic efficiency of your entire plant!

Our offer: We will support you on this platform from now on and offer you quick access to spare and wear parts for your HUBER machine. In addition to 2D spare parts drawings, you have access to extensive data and information tailored specifically to the needs of your plant. So that you get back from your investment what you expected when you bought it.

In order to fulfil the constantly increasing requirements, it is particularly important to us to always grow with these demands and to develop ourselves further - your requirements are our incentive!

We stand for excellent quality, punctual and high-quality processing, many years of experience and expertise!


Benefit from the advantages as a HUBER customer

After logging in to our webshop, as part of the HUBER Digital Platform, the individual customer area, also called Member Area, is available for every HUBER customer. In addition to the general functions of the overview page, you will also find the "Machines" area here. In this area, the customised machines including individual spare parts drawings and spare parts articles with price and delivery information are made available and offered for direct purchase. You will also find the contact details for your contact person at HUBER and can edit your own contact details.

The most important functions of the shop are

- Quotation function: Direct request for quotations.

- Order function: Orders can be placed immediately at any time.

- Enquiry function: Enquiries for products are also automated.

- Identification of spare parts: Based on customer-specific 2D spare parts drawings, identification is guaranteed at all times.

- Employee management: The management of internal customer colleagues is the responsibility of the customer and is therefore highly flexible.

You can find your member area here .

The advantages of using our shop are

- 24/7 availability: You can access the web shop and place your orders at any time.

- Digital access to all relevant information: You can access all the information about the products you need digitally without having to contact a sales representative.

- Faster quotation, enquiry and order process: You can obtain and place quotations, enquiries and orders quickly and easily online without having to get in touch with a contact person.

Customer satisfaction requires high product quality, but also the willingness of the supplier to accompany his product for a lifetime.

We achieve this with the "HUBER Global Service" that we offer you and of which we are proud. We are available for our customers around the clock and around the world, thus maintaining the quality of our product and the performance you expect from us.

HUBER Service offers all services for the optimum operation of machines and plants:

  • Installation and commissioning service
  • Spare parts service
  • Repair service
  • Maintenance service
  • Plant optimisation
  • Consultancy service
  • Plant refurbishment
  • Factory repair
  • Third-party products
  • Training service
  • Operational support